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Kim graduated as an infantry officer from the United States Military Academy in 1972. He thereafter served with Infantry, Ranger and Special Forces units. He graduated from law school and became a member of the Washington State Bar in 1980. He opened his law practice that year limiting his practice to injury victims and those injured on the job. In addition to his law practice, Kim worked as a legislative advocate for what is now the Washington State Association for Justice. He felt it was important to advocate, not only in the courts on behalf of his clients, but in the legislative arena also.He has spent the last several decades helping those who have been injured through no fault of their own achieve justice and help them get back their lives. The firm was based on the view that those in need should be provided the best and most aggressive representation so that justice can prevail. The firm is as committed to that view now as it was 38 years ago.

In addition to practicing law, Kim has been part of a civilian advisory team and has worked in Panama during Operation Just Cause, in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and  Haiti.

Lawyer Information / Qualifications

  • Law Firm Affiliations:
  • Experience and Training: Personal Injury, Workers’ Compensation, and more.
  • Education:
    • Undergrad: 1980
    • Law School: , Personal Injury Law
  • Practice Areas: United States Military Academy
  • Certifications: University of Puget Sound School of Law
  • Bar Exam: 907 Legion Way SE