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William West Seegmiller is the founder of The Seegmiller Law Firm, one of Southern California’s most distinguished personal injury law firms. After achieving his bachelor’s degree from the University of California Davis and his master’s degree from the University of Southern California, he went on to earn his Juris Doctorate from the McGeorge School of Law University and was also a member of the prestigious Pacific Law Review. Although he started his own firm in 1981, Mr. Seegmiller continued his education in the legal field at the Harvard Law School Program, as well as The Jerry Spence Trial Lawyers College. Over 30 years ago, Mr. Seegmiller began his practice because he always cherished helping others who, like himself, have been through the experience of being injured in an accident. In his early 20s, he was involved in a motorcycle accident that took several painful treatments to recover. Through this, he learned the importance of treating each and every client with the highest possible service he can provide. With the amount of experience at hand and the overall confidence to stand up the insurance companies, Mr. Seegmiller’s settlements over the course of his career have totaled to over $150,000,000. In addition to representing injured individuals, he often participates in a number of charitable organizations to give back to his community. Particularly, his involvement in helping the victims of the 9/11 disaster as a member of the Trail Lawyers Care Organization. The program has assisted 1,700 families of victims by providing over $200 million in legal service at no charge. He has also helped build a number of homes in Mexico for the Corazon non-profit organization, is a volunteer for The Reinhart Foundation, and even travels to Guatemala to help families in need. With a hefty list of notable awards and achievements, Mr. Seegmiller continues to be an advocate for his clients and work his hardest to settle cases and win verdicts for each and every individual.

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  • Bar Exam: , Personal Injury Law