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Trial Masters™ was born from an observation that attorneys with significant trial experience were not easily distinguishable from their case-settling colleagues. We’re fixing that one lawyer at a time. We are a unique trial attorney group, in that membership is available to plaintiff and defense attorneys and is based on the purely objective measure of experience in the courtroom over a long period of time.  Trial Masters sought to differentiate itself and its members from the dozen or so “Better Lawyer” and “Best in the Country” awards and other “Top Lawyers” lists that are completely subjective in nature or even simply pay-to-play. Trial Masters isn’t about “who’s who.”  Trial Masters is about “who’s done it.”  Have you done it?

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Trial Experience Matters.

Trial Masters™ was founded by a trial lawyer. So we know the importance of courtroom experience in obtaining good results for clients – and we know leveraging that experience is central in cases even when they do not go to trial. Trial Masters was the result of recognizing that many lawyers had a handful of “best” and “top” legal awards of one kind or another, but none of them indicated a purely objective way to tell if an attorney had really sustained significant courtroom experience throughout their career.
Trial Masters™ maintains that this trait is as telling an indicator as any to determine if an attorney can be counted on to deliver favorable results – case after case. One-hit wonders need not apply.

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Thanks for clicking on the seal on your attorney’s, or potential attorney’s, website. The attorney whose website was linked to this site is a member of an elite group of lawyers who all have an impressive amount of trial experience. Your attorney’s membership in Trial Masters™ is a significant achievement and an indication of their strong commitment to taking their clients’ cases all the way to the courthouse when warranted. Additionally, with the knowledge that comes from experience in the courtroom, your attorney will also know when it is advisable to keep you out of the courtroom. When you compare lawyers, notice how many lawyers do not have this seal, then be sure to hire one that does.

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Featured Member: Stephen R. H. Lewis | Stephen R. H. Lewis, PA

Stephen R. H. Lewis is a respected lawyer advocating for clients in Personal Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury and Wrongful Death cases. Based in Greenville, they are familiar with the courts throughout all of South Carolina. Their attorneys have the necessary skill to help you resolve your legal problem. With 26 years of experience, they are focused on your success

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