Are Apps Responsible for the Big Spike in Fatal Car Accidents?

Are Apps Responsible for the Big Spike in Fatal Car Accidents?

A Message from Trial Masters

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported a significant spike in traffic accidents. What could be causing this? From a purely rationalist view point, it makes sense that new phone apps could be, at least in part, responsible. Take for instance Snapchat, a widely popular app, especially among teenagers. Snapchat allows its users to take videos and photos and apply different types of filters. One such filter is a speedometer of sorts. Although probably designed for passengers who are not operating the vehicle, it is used my many drivers; it can be sent to their friends or put on their “story,” which is viewable to either the public or selected people depending on the user’s settings.

Snapchat really cannot be blamed for the rise in fatal car crashes. There are additional apps that are being used as well as texting. All of this can be summed up under the term distracted driving. Distracted driving is the real menace, and it is completely the choice of the driver of the vehicle. It could be argued that without Snapchat and other similar apps there would be no reason for drivers to be on their phone. That could be true, but, nonetheless, there has to be a point where people take individual responsibility for their actions.

Education may be the best way to decrease the number of fatal crashes throughout the entire United States. Comprehensive driver’s education, which would include coverage of the dangers of distracted driving, should be required for all motorists before getting their license. This would ensure universal knowledge on the subject, although many would say it is obviously unsafe.

Additionally, using apps while driving can land you in trouble with the law. Many States have criminalized texting while driving, and the vast majority of interpreters of the law have agreed that the use of apps is the equivalent of texting. Police officers may pull motorists over for texting while driving and can issue fines. Repeat offenders are given more severe fines.

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